Cheapest Pay & Go phone out there

    My Nokia has just died on me, I will have a replacement by by end of this week so need cheapest possible mobile to tide me over as no-one has a spare to lend me!!

    preferably one i can get instore rather than wait for delivery

    As long as i can text and recieve calls i think i will survive!!
    EDIT: also dont need any airtime as im on a monthly contract

    Thanks in advance


    Quicklite;4050182's a …'s a free phone (Pay&Go), all you got to do it get £30 air time on Orange.

    Lol it doesn't get cheaper than free!
    Crazy, no chance you'd get that a few years ago. :thumbsup:

    Orange has some very good deals on pay as you go sets. If I were you, I would go to the town/city centre and ask for the cheapest basic handset there on orange, o2, 3, CPW etc.

    When my phone broke down and it was still in warranty, I was given a temp replacement untill I got my permanent replacement set back. May be thats also worth giving a try ! might save you some quids

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    My contract with O2 runs is due for renewal on 30th of Jan, my phone totally packed in so i rang and asked to upgrade early, they said they couldnt but arranged a new phone to be sent out! Which means i'll get - proberly a reconditioned - new phone then on the 30th a new phone when i upgrade

    not a brill phone but how about the pink flip at phones 4 u £4.95 summat like that with tenner credit
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