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Found 20th Nov 2007
Hi, I have a number of contracts going at the mo' for the family but am after a SE K850I as cheap as I can get it. I'll need it unlocked so I can bung other sim cards in so I guess I'm looking at O2 to facillitate this...but...Orange have the phone for £25.00 PM with an up front £79.99 phone cost. Anyone know if I can get O2 to:
A: Match this (or pref beat it!)
B: Able to recommend either CPW / Phones 4U / whoever to pricematch but hopefully get an unlocked version from one of these?
Any help will be appreciated. Thank you...:thumbsup:
(I really don't want to get into cashback as I'm terrible at organising myself!:oops: )
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£25 per month and handset free of charge (18 month contract though)

Its free on all tarrifs (lowest 15/pm 24months) on o2.co.uk
Nice one guys & thanks for the info...anything along those lines on 12 months you are aware of...I know, I know, moon on a stick:oops:
With o2 the standard contracts are 18 months. You can turn them into 12 month contracts by adding £5 to the price, and 24 by subtracting £5 off any tarriff.

i.e. 25/m on 12 month contract at O2.
Thanks again, I assume that's calling O2 cause even though the phones on the website, when you call the number on the O2 site, I was told they didn't even have the phone ready for release yet...despite my mate having one on O2!:whistling:
As stated, cheers for your help:thumbsup:
Oh, ultmoscorpion, that links for a K810i but ta for trying anyway :-)

More txts/minutes online. Different tarrifs in fact.
Cheers again MattJ, by doing it online (through your link), best I can get is 12 mths @ £25.00 + £129.99 for the pone but on Orange I can get it to £79.99 but risk a locked handset, think I'll maybe be able to play the 2 off against each other?:whistling:
Ahh sorry I was looking for the K810i after following UltimoScorpion's link. I don't know of anything cheaper for the K850i sorry.
Absolutely no need to apologise, I appreciate the fact you took the time to look & post:) . I'm increasing my monthly tarriff requirement to £30.00 now as I've found after searching, that this offers me loads of better options.
Cheers again for trying though:thumbsup:
I got mine on the Orange Dolphin 35 tariff, 500 mins and unlimited texts
Nice one Dave & ta for looking in mate, I'm led to believe though that the Orange ones are branded & locked to Orange, I need to use a couple of sims in this & from a bit o' tinterweb searching, it seems the O2 contract ones are more likely to be unlocked than not with minimal branding. Ta for posting though:) :thumbsup:
No mate, I got mine from the Carphone Warehouse on the Orange contract and the phone is unlocked
Oh right, maybe different regions but I rang the local ones here & they wouldnt even entertain the idea of a 12 mth contract! Tried to sell me some ridiculous insurance thing which he said woiuld enable me to cancel my contract after 9 mths but the insurance would be extra per mth, waffle, waffle, waffle...when I asked him to match raccoon, Orange £30.00 for 12 mths & no up front phone fee...he put the phone down on me...may try a different branch though now..cheers for that. :-)
looks like £35 pm on a 12 month contract on o2. Pretty good though considering you get 400 minutes and 1000 texts, and £35 back from quidco...

Anyone seen anything better than that, 12 month contract only?
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