Cheapest PAYG Android mobile phone

    I am currently in the process of building applications (apps) for Android-based devices, and I was wondering if anyone knew any good deals (or indeed, any good phones for sale on the For Sale section of HUKD) that I could grab to be able to test my apps.

    Without a real phone, you can test the apps on a computer but you don't really get the proper experience.

    What is the cheapest PAYG Android phone available in the UK? Don't really need any any specific features, but WiFi is a must!




    2nd hand g1? from cex or somewhere like that is your best bet

    HTC Wildfire can be got on £10 a month. Do a search on the forum. It is a step down from HTC Desire but it will be in stock. lower res screen but should still do web and stuff.

    Do a search on google for a review. Techradar was one of the reviews i found. Remember it is a budget phone. HTC Desire can be had from £20 a month but is out of stock.


    Samsung also do a android phone. You could also look at HTC Hero but I think it has a few issues. Best to read around and get the phone that suits you.
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