Cheapest PAYG for internet?

    I've just found a sim only deal with T-mobile (well, Chitter Chatter, but T-mobile contract) which I am very happy with. £12 for 600 calls, 500 texts and unlimited internet (12 month contract). I am now looking for a cheap phone. Any ideas?


    My contract has just ended with T-Mobile so going PAYG and web is my main usage. T-Mobile do a bundle for £20 that gives you 6 months unlimited web - so that'd be £40 a year. Perfect for me, not sure it suits your needs, but now you know.

    Sorry, I read your title and replied without really digesting your message. Thought you was after PAYG deals rather than the actual physical phone.

    Cheapest phone is very subjective to what you want. The phone type I want come in at £400 - that is not to everyones taste as there is phones that are only £5 to.

    i got a HTC Tattoo unlocked £100 ,if you interested let me know .

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    Thanks all but due to limited funds I think I'm going to have to settle for a very very basic phone for now. Seen a couple for around £30. Not ideal but will have to do for now.
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