Cheapest PAYG mobile capable of sat-nav

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Found 13th Aug 2007
Right then, one for you phone wizards out there. Where can I find the cheapest PAYG capable of sat-nav. Don't really want the hassle of contract cashback schemes. Have to do it on a real shoe string as the wife thinks I'm just wasting money on pointless toys i'll never use :-D
All help appreciated.


I'd go to ebay, and pick up an SPV C500, C550 or C600.

Of course, you could stretch a little towards a Nokia N70 or N80.

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Thank you Itsuru, thats the sort of thing I'm after, just have to try and outbid the rest of the ebay nutters now.


i have a 6600 and 6680 quite old phones now, but i use TomTom on them, superb phones for sat nav, and great phones in general.
They never break!
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