Cheapest PAYG mobile with MP3 player

    I'm looking for a PAYG mobile with MP3 playing capacity. Network isn't screamingly relavant; I don't use my current mobile that much but I'd use the MP3 player alot, so cheapest calls/text without a focus on topup bonuses, although obviously I can unlock and go on Asdas or something.

    MP3 player needs to either have 1GB or greater memory capacity or an expandable memory slot.


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    how about this … how about this ]

    That would have been totally perfect :-(

    (doesn't work any more)

    Anything else? Please?

    Not sure if you r into pink but this item is good my mother in law got it a couple of weeks ago it has micro sd expandable memory slot under the sim card and it is tiny. Only measures 8.5 cm x 4 cm and is thin. also they do a 200 mins and 200 txt for £10 a month sim only 30 day contract. If you are a virgin customer already you may get this increased to 300 of each as my M.I.L did.…ph/
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