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Posted 30th Oct
What’s the cheapest desktop PC I can get? I only plan to use it for browsing the web

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Raspberry pi
I'd go for a cheap refurb PC. I have to admit my first thought was a Raspberry Pi, but by the time you've added a case, PSU, mouse, keyboard, monitor etc, then had to get an OS installed, a refurbed desktop works out about the same price and much easier to start up.

In fact, I'd probably go one step further and suggest a refurb laptop rather than a desktop.
An android box
I am going to take you at your word! You want a desktop - not a laptop??
I assume you do not want a monitor??
I assume you not want a keyboard or mouse??
How do you intend connecting your desktop to the internet to allow you to browse? Are we to assume you will connect via ethernet or do you need a wireless facility?
Are you fussed about the operating system? Installing a Linux distribution would reduce the price significantly.
Chromebook or Android box.
Not the cheapest, but I suggest you spend around £100 used 4th gen i5.
Like this…afz…AwH

Then spend extra £20 for a SSD if necessary

Other option
If you have a smart phone, get a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
Cast your phone to your telly.
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