Cheapest 'per-page cost' Mono Laser Printer?

Found 6th Mar 2011
Looking to buy a printer, not massively worried about the initial cost, but I am worried about how cheap the printer is to run, i.e. the cost per-page relative to how much ink cartridges cost.

At the moment I have a Samsung SCX-4500, looks good but looking at prices (unless I'm missing something) doesn't seem too cheap to run?

I was thinking of the Dell 1320CN, black toner seems to run in at about £8 per cartridge from IJTDirect. We have one at work and it does a fair amount before needing the cartridge changed.

This would mainly be for printing Uni Readings (I do a history degree). Current cost of printing at Uni is 5p per side, so something that works out cheaper than that in the long-run would be preferable.

Thanks in advance!
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I have a brother hl-2030 (now hl-2040 I think) and paid £50 and still on the same cartridge after 2 years and print daily (works out about 1p per page)
Best decision I ever made, ditching the ink jet for a laser. Seemed like every week I was changing ink cartridges on the Epson inkjet (and other varieties).

Bought a Samsung Laser for about £45. Yes the cartridges cost about the same as the printer (I have black and white only). Very reliable.

One here for £38 delivered.…tml

They usually come with a starter cartridge inside but that lasted me over 6 months.
Suggest you keep an eye on fleabay for a good quality office laser printer that you can get 3rd party toners for. Brands like HP will provide good value for money.
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