Cheapest petrol/diesel price in your area

    My first post, i don't know if this has been posted before but i couldn't find it so here go's

    Good web site i use is

    it searches your area for the cheapest fuel price and even sends you emails if you want for updates

    sorry not sure how to lazy link on this site


    114p for Unleaded
    127p for Diesel.

    114.9p in my area, im not going to bother signing up though as i have guessed its probably tesco.

    i signed up......was jet, morrisons and esso

    ty for this rep added

    113.9 for unleaded, 126.9 for Diesel

    will not let me sign up .......:x

    keeps sticking on the address and cant find.
    Anyone else getting this ???

    I posted something similar to this a couple of months ago.

    ]Click Here
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