Cheapest phone that can run Whatsapp ?

Posted 8th May
I need a cheap phone that can also have whatapp/
Could be refurbished aswell, but with some warranty
Thank in advanvce for ideas
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Have a look on eBay. You can still get apple’s latest firmware on the original iPhone SE from 2016. A refurb model would set you back £70-£80.

If you don’t mind whether it runs iOS/Android, then you can probably pick up a phone running a fairly new version of Android for £40.
If you strictly want the cheapest, you can pick up an Alcatel U3 brand new for around 30 quid or £15 from O2 for a like new one (unlocked and you don't need to top up either). It'll run WhatsApp but overall it's not a great phone and I wouldn't really recommend it for anything apart from that.
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If you want really cheap. Somebody local will have an Android phone listed on Shpock.
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