Cheapest Phone with amazing battery life? and any other cheap festival essentials

    Anything good and cheap for use in a festival and a cheap phone with amazing battery life.


    Nokia 6230i!

    nokia 5140i

    Samsung E2370 Megacell Ruggedised Sim Free Mobile Phone with up to 67 Days standby / 22 hours talk time, IP54 Protection Certified

    Amazon sells it.. other places might be cheaper haven't searched hard

    Original Poster

    anything else??

    We've got several low-end Alcatels (ot799 and ot255 - this latter aka Vodafone 345) in the family and they sit on standby literally for weeks before the low battery warning kicks in. We're in a low signal area for all networks so presumably the phones waste battery power searching frequently for a signal, so they'd probably do even better if we had full signal.
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