ive just bought my 7yr old daughter a ds for her birthday to stop her playing mine lol, i just wondered where the best place is to get games i dont care if they are second hand, im just being a bit tight as it was a stretch to get her the ds and i dont want to spend too much in case of damage or loss etc as she is only 7!!


Have you thought of putting a wanted on your local freecycle? It can be really good and worth a try?
Good luck :thumbsup:

You can get about 30 games on one cartridge from ][SIZE="3"]HERE[/SIZE]
I have bought 2 from them - one in Nov and one Dec and paid by paypal so was safe enough and they work fine. Delivery took about 10 days and it worked out at £45 delivered so 30 games for the price of 2 or 3.
I have since bought some carts from dealextreme.com and download my own but if you're not into doing that then this site is great. :thumbsup:

The main benefit appart from the cost is my son wont lose those little carts now as he can go out with one and have all his games on it.

I got our daughter a few brand new ds games like Horsez and Sonic, Horsez cost me £8.20 inc. postage and Sonic was £7.50 inc. postage.
I got them from ebay, sunday daytime.

I consider the DS rather sturdy,however we got an original DS not a Lite so don't know much in difference to them apart from size and weight,but might be worth investing in a case. I make sure my 2 put it in its case when finished with it. Ours don't leave the house with it but thats cos my older one I think plays it a bit too much,also we no car so its not used for travelling.
My friends boys,their PSP was left out got stood on and screen cracked,she had to claim on home contents insurance I think.

i got one of the covers from game, fits around the ds lite nicely and you can keep it on the ds while playing

they stop the casing get scratched well worth getting imho

also agree with damnone get a r4, m3 or similar they save so much in the long run
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