Cheapest Place for a 500gig /1TB Hardrive

    500gb = £50 @
    1TB = £79 at

    anyone beat that.


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    this should be in deal requests.

    tesco 1tb 69
    comet 1 tb 63 when they have them in stock

    1tb at amazon here:…8-3

    save yourself a whole pound.

    Internal or external?


    ide or sata?

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    the dandy p;4007106

    Internal or external?

    both and SATA.

    black gerbil1;4007045

    this should be in deal requests.

    Reported for you.

    Original Poster

    I think we have a winner^

    acecatcher3;4007447 £59 pricematch pcworld.

    comet deal is expired as there outta stock. I dont reckon they'll price match because of this.
    Also not many PCW have stock *sob *sob
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