Cheapest Place For a PSP Slim & Lite?

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Found 5th Jun 2008

I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where to get a PSP Slim & Lite cheapest.

I do not mind the colour, nor really whether its new or old. But I would obviously prefer new.

I was hoping for as close to £100 as possible, I am not really interested in any 'with game' deals either just the cheapest by itself deal.


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i'ver a phat one for £45 delivered lol

Is it boxed and decent nick Dan? (sorry to hijack OP)

hi mate a brand new psp lite check my thread, it has almost 12 months warranty, ive just recieved it from virgin as a gift on my phone upgrade looking at £112 delivered

You can get a PSP slim and lite with 12 month warranty in nearly new condition from cex.co.uk for £90. It's a reliable website and their stores are excellent as well. All you need apart from that is a pandora battery and a memory stick from dealextreme.com and you're done
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