cheapest place for APPLI i PHONE ????

    help desperate to know where i can buy cheapest i phone

    thanks for uor help guys ive never been let down....yet


    ebay.....only place to unless you hang on a couple of days, its out in the uk then but only on contract....hope that helps

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    whats the going price???

    on ebay?

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    average going rate

    Do a search man

    Average price is about £300-£370

    i played around with one the other day, its very good, cleverly made, only downside is no video recording, bluetooth can only be used for headset, not for sending images etc.

    they keypad is qwerty - which is an advantage for some ppl

    its heat touch sensitive, if you got cold hands it wont

    battery life is very good, need itunes to transfer music across

    stereo sound, which is good, it has 2 speakers, it sounds good too...

    looks good, has good features but some feature i think will be sorted out in the future with a firmware update like video recording

    in all i think its a good phone....
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