Cheapest place for bags of ice?

Found 30th Jun 2011
Hi everyone. I need a fairly large number of ice cubes (well, more than I can make in our freezer!) on Sunday for a party. Does anyone know of anyone who delivers cheaply, or of which supermarket has the best price? I've got an Iceland, a Netto, a Tesco and a Morrisons near me. There is also an ASDA, but I think the ice would have melted upon my return! Thanks.

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Iceland do a bag about a4 size full for £2 if i remember correctly

2kg bag in tesco for £1

mysupermarket.co.uk/Sho…ice cubes&SortBy=3

5p per 100g seesm to be cheapest so you could call iceland and see how theres compare?

Aldi 79p

Have you asked neighbours if the own a chest freezer? Might be able to help you out

Oh also look for local Ice cube making machine hirers

Stick the ice in a coolbox, it'll be fine.
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