cheapest place for batteries

    where is the cheapest place to buy AA batteries please?


    I use lidl own. Never has a problem. But it depends what device you'd using it for


    wilcos have great batterie . their own make are good . orange colour

    Depends what you want - I always get Duracell Industrial batteries from a well known auction site using 'buy it now'. They last ages and prices are great, especially if buying quite a few in one go. Just pick the seller carefully - there are plenty with really good ratings.


    Good deals through Ebay.
    Look for "Industrial Duracell".
    I like them.

    +1 for Wilkos. Lots of cheap batteries out there. screwfix etc.. but I use the Wilkos one.
    Very useful for the remote etc..

    Ikea is pretty cheap if you have one nearby - 10 AA batteries is, I think, £1.50 at the moment and they last a reasonable amount of time

    'Invest' in some rechargeables
    last ages these days even in high usage devices


    wilcos have great batterie . their own make are good . orange colour

    ​50p for 4

    I use mostly rechargeable. You can buy 8 aa batteries plus a charger for £22 at 7dayshop. If you want the standard batteries then avoid Zinc carbon like you see in pound shops. You want alkaline as have max power and will last way longer. Just looked at ebay. 20 duracell are £5.50 or 50 £14 Inc delivery. That's as cheap as it gets
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