Cheapest place for car diagnostic tests? Any mechanics here?

Posted 15th May 2011
Hello.Bought a suzuki wagon r+ 2000 from ebay.Engine light is on and it loses power/stalls when stopping after long journey.Suggestion may be sensors but they are very expensive.Family friend tested on a diagnostic after cleaning sensors and it showed no fault and engine light was off but problem has happened again and light is on again now.
Any suggestions of possible problem?Of cheap sensors?
Anyone know of where I could get diagnostics done cheaply to see if fault shows up- national chain or I'm in north Kent.
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serves you right for buying the thing in the first place

serves you right for buying the thing in the first place

Thanks for the help

Try here


Thanks for the help

welcome - if youd only asked before buying it..........

oops think the link above maybe for bikeshere is another … oops think the link above maybe for bikeshere is another

thanks again
I had a similar problem to that on a car I owned, turned out to be a dirty throttle body. after a good clean with some carb cleaner it was fine. Maybe you should have a look at that first before you start spending money.
try ebay for diagnostic cable and software
that wheeler dealers prgramme showed one they bought off ebay for £80 plug in and if its an electrical fault brings up the error code on screen and simply look in the booklet for problem.
Had the same problen mine turned out to be a fault with the egr value.
Thankyou for the helpful comments
I bought a diagnositc lead and software from ebay for about £15 and it just links up to my laptop and works a treat. I have used it on about 4 different cars and gave loads of info. My local mechanic charges £25 for this test and he has a hand held thingy ma jog that cost a lot of wonga, his words. The coeds and everything else he gets are just the same as far as I can see.....

Good luck
the ebay software is illegally pirated £25 is very decent price for mechanic to charge. My local mechanic cleared an air bag error for free before i bought one off ebay as i had to take the steering wheel column off.
My Renault had some work done on it by my local mechanic. Now been told it has to have diagnostics to make the handbrake work with the new part installed. Dealer wants approx £100 to do this, totally unreasonable..

Have got a price of £38 from another dealer but can only be done midweek, don't do them on Saturdays.....Grrrrr
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