Cheapest place for Living Flame Gas Fire (Hole-in-the-wall type)

    Hi all
    Does anyone know a good site that sells the Living Flame Gas Fires? Obviously the cheaper the better !

    One other thing ..... if I was to buy one, is it easy enough to get a Corgi Reg'd fitter to fit it? Or do they prefer to supply and fit?

    Thanks in advance x

    Sorry, should have put this in Deal Requests..... can a mod move it please?


    I bought a brand new one on ebay, private sale, rrp £650, I paid less than £200, but it took a while to get, as i was doing an extention i had the time.
    With regards to fitters, then I do not see you having a problem finding a fitter only, try getting a private corgi fitter.
    hoped that helped.
    PS. wife loves the hole in the wall we got, only thing i had to give her the money saved for her to spent on herself, well you can win them all.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that lastonline - hope your wife got something nice with the extra money
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