cheapest place for packaging supplies?

im wondering if anyone can help me , ive had a clearout and put stuff on ebay , i need jiffy bags etc for sending stuff off , i was hoping someone knows a firm reasonable priced and quick delivery , i have looked on ebay but need some different sizes and not sure how quick there delivery is , would be really grateful for any help thanks in advance


I have 100 jiffy bags, still boxed. I think they are size D, well they are the size to fit a full sized dvd box anyway.

You local to County Durham? You can have them for a fiver.

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hiya beerman , thanks thats really nice of you to offer , but i live in north wales , i would have had them otherwise thanks again

AH Wales, whats the snow like down there? I read before it came that it was going to be badly hit. Are your schools closed?

hello. this is just a hint, but if you have a poundland shop near you try them as i used to get them from there, and the ones which are just bigger than dvd you can get 8 for, you guessed it £1. :thumbsup:

Also if you buy direct from a company that specialiese in packaging on eBay then they are true to their word.

I personally do not use ebay but my father does and I bought 3 boxes of these through his account (over-estimated my stock/sales by well over a hundred lol), while looking for them I noticed it is a specialist market. In fact I think it is probably the cleanest and safest section on eBay as it's hard for people to scam you. (Or should I say not really worth their while)

Just go back to eBay and find exactly what you want and search for the cheapest reputable company (eBay is not all bad, although I hate it, lol). They should deliver within a day or two if you use PayPal (when you pay let them know it is urgent, they should accomodate you with quick delivery).

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think we might get a fair bit tonight but as im in the north hopefully wont be to bad ,but think i might get a day off tommorow as i work in a school and usually we get to find out about 8 in the morning or when i get out of bed and the car is buried :giggle:

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thanks danielcraig will have a look this is the second time you have helped me out ,thanks again ,added rep to you both for being helpful :thumbsup:

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sorry beerman just noticed your post on packaging ,will have a look more carefully on ebay my heads inthe clouds ....(looking for snow!!!) :whistling:
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