Cheapest place for Samsung M110 Solid?

Found 14th Sep 2008
As above ^ please. I've seen it on play for £69.99, hopefully use the £5 voucher that's floating around and go through quidco for 4% cashback - would this be the best option?
Thanks x
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It's ok, I've just found that Tesco are doing them for £49.97.
i can get one for you for £40 brand new on o2. let me know if interested.
Thanks marian but I've ordered one now :thumbsup:
See if you can return the one you've ordered. They have just taken a third off this phone and by using the £5 off code which is floating around, it's now under £30 delivered.
Thanks for that jpr :thumbsup:
It's now £33.31 on Tesco Mobile which seems like a good deal. Anybody know if these are easy to unlock - I need it on o2?

Firstly deactivate the SP Lock by entering:
*7465625*77*00000000*00000000# to reset the lock and then:
#7465625*77*00000000# to disable the lock

Then do a custom reset:
*2767*2878# once this has finished rebooting turn the phone off.

Next a SIM card from a different service provider needs to be pushed half in - (Push it fully in then slide it back out by about 1/2 a centimeter)
Insert the battery and turn on the phone - you will now see an "Insert SIM" message, very carefully lift up the end of the battery ensuring that the terminals maintain a connection (the phone stays on) then slid the SIM card fully in.

The phone should still be displaying the message "Insert SIM", now perform a full reset:

When the phone reboots it will now be working with the incorrect sim

The next step is to change the NCK password to 8 zeros by typing:

Now the network lock can be disabled by entering the new password..(00000000), simply enter:

Finally to check and see if your hard work has paid off enter:
*#7465625# all of the locks should now be inactive

Thanks. I'll try this if I get one. Are the SIM's easy to change or not? I was wondering whether to get one of these phones to use as a spare when I go out (I don't want to take my iphone out on the razz!)

I've Just got one from ASDA for £29.00 it's locked to o2 but I can confirm the above works a treat... now on vodafone!
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