Cheapest place for Samsung NC10?

    Looking to finally buy one of these netbooks but can't seem to find one for sub £250. Searched on here and saw they've been as low as £190 so dont really want to pay so much


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    Done that, there is who are doing it for £198 but I've never heard of this company and would feel more comfortable buying from a major retailer…Xuw
    sub £250
    or same on curreys, but u can get 5% off using SPRING5 Code.

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    been looking around on the argos clearance store on ebay and have seen the r519 (item number 350338781601) for £262. It is only the 2gb ram version but apparently the 4gb is needless anyway as it's only 32bit. For £10 extra and for what I need it (basically just browsing, music and uni work) it seems a good deal. Can anyone confirm though? I'm don't know much about computers

    dont Samsungs run Linux OS? if they do 2gb of ram will be fine, if its running Vista / 7 I would deffo opt for the 4gb

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    Thanks thats great, think I'll order right away
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