Cheapest place for St Tropez tanning lotion 240ml??

Found 12th May 2009
As title says really!

I went to buy some St Tropez today and was shocked to find it came through the till at £28 (Superdrug!)..

so Im looking elsewhere for some cheaper.
Ive found some at £22.. is that as low as it goes (just wanna check before I buy it)??

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Nikki999 sorry cant help but is this stuff ok? Have decided to try some expensive stuff (either St Tropez or fake Bake). Do you recommend St Tropez? Or anyone tried them both ?
I recommend St Tropez.. I used to use it when I worked in a dept store (because I got a discount on it!), I then stopped buying it because I couldnt afford full price!

But I recently tried it again and realised how much I love it! I use Loreal sublime but find its orange in comparison to St Tropez (which is brown not orange!).

No cheapy places anyone?

Debenhams have it on offer but still £27
LJM The mousse is fantastic

Hiya if you have a tk maxx near you they have it in there for around £10 sometimes cheaper if it's on clearance HTH
TK Maxx, TJ Hughes and Watt Brothers all have it for around £20
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