Cheapest place for w850i brand new?

Anyone know where the cheapest place for a BLACK w850i brand new (any network) is?

I know on LittlewoodsDirect they're £89 + shipping (if there is any). Same with all their other stores (GreatUniversal, etc).

How are LWD, GU and so on for normal, no vouchers, shops? I don't want to be charged double a few months down the line hehe.

Also, Comet do the phone for £89 when you buy £10 air-time, so all in all £99 - I'm on contract so I've no need for air-time (o2 simplicity).

If anyone has a phone in mint condition I'll be willing to buy it from them,




I would give Littlewoods etc a miss.

They can not lawfully charge you more than agreed, but that doesn't mean that they will not charge you...

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Ah I see lol - thanks. Looks like it's a trip to Argos then (99 quid). Thanks alot!

Try CPW, they pricematch.

The advantage is that a lot of their handsets are unlocked. :thumbsup:

This is my first post. though i swear by these forums every hour of my life.

I have this phone, in mint condition, with a 1gb memory card, charger, and may be able to dig out the box if your interested?

I have just upgraded to the w580

good phone. u tried the phone shops? i think i saw 02 doing it on pay as you go nowfor 80 quid? then u cud unlock it for a fiver. theyve crashed in price since carphone warehouse moved it for 99 quid about 3 months ago.

one thing i would also say is there are some design faults with the phone e.g the internet going off in your pocket you can fix this by changing the button for getting on the internet tho.

I was in comet just now they had it for £79+£10 air time (clearance)

Pricey13 if Jelly isnt interested how much would you sell your phone for?

of course jelly has first choice
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