Cheapest place for web domain names/hosting

    Anyone know the best offers around for getting my own domain name and possible hosting?




    not if they have nothing to do with methey do look cheaper, however it … not if they have nothing to do with methey do look cheaper, however it cant really be self promoting if you have nothing to do with the sites

    You said they were your friends sites that you were promoting.

    BTW Mods.... why did you remove my post which answered exactly what the OP was asking for?


    123 Reg cheap but not the cheapest but only by a few pence
    Beside cheapest is not always the best & 123 have great customer service

    1&1 are cheap but wait till ur domain is about to expire and they find out you dont want to renew it,they try and charge your card.
    I have had 20-22 domains in total from various companies, these seemed the worse when you dont renew,going through court right now with this. They charged my card for domains i have no access to then threatened me with court if i didnt renew(pay) for more years.

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    i use for domains and they provide a good service
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