Cheapest place online to buy a dyson upright vacum cleaner?

    Not really bothered about the model, just after a new dyson to replace our old one.

    Must be available online

    9 Comments…id= plus 4% quidco, no brush control so ideal if you just have carpets, i have the DC14, the only downside is the holding cylinder is not that large, but it's not really a hassle emptying it

    £139.99 for the DC07 Origin, reserve and collect at Comet here…276

    Try argos, DC14 and there are free extras with it!! £145.69…htm

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    Thanks for the suggestions but it's got to be ordered online as i don't live near any of these stores


    dc14 £145.67 delivered … dc14 £145.67 delivered

    Unfortunately, it seems that delivery to IoM is not an option (no dates appear highlighted when you put an IM postcode in).

    However, £145.65 here…735 and the IM postcode is accepted, delivery is still stated as free.

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    cheers andy :thumbsup:…elp

    Curry's have the Animal beast of a Dyson half price if that is any good for you Sir? :-D
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