Cheapest place to buy 16 led bulbs?

    Just moved home and the house is needing new bulbs, I was planning on buying a few bulbs but they seem expensive, is there anywhere that offers discount or cashback?

    I need 8x B22 and 8x GU10

    Thanks :-)


    Can't vouch for the reliability... Yet... But I bought four GU10s in Home Bargains last week for £2.99 each. They are 5w/370 lumens. I've put them in place of the four 35w halogens in one of our light fittings.

    They had cool white and warm white, I've got the warm white.

    I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of light they give, I was expecting to have to get used to the area being a bit dimmer but they are just as bright - perhaps brighter, but it could just be my perception - as the old ones.

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    Hmm I will give home bargains a try for the GU10 bulbs then, £2.99 sounds cheaper than £6 online

    IKEA is generally cheap for these.


    eBay are the best place for them

    Read this should help...…bs/

    You have to be careful because if your replacing your say downlights that use a transformer ? then the LED light wont work unless you change the transformer too. Otherwise the leap to LED light is a smart move

    This thread will go on and on i bet !

    If you don't mind waiting ages for delivery (a good couple of weeks) then these gu10's from dealextreme are pretty good for £2.50 each…591

    I've had some for about six months, no problems so far, they give a great light very similar to a 50w halogen.

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    Some threads I've read mention sites that offer discounts like buy 4 and get 1 free etc, I can't seem to find anywhere like that hmm

    I know I'm gonna benefit off them eventually but £50+ for 8 light bulbs seems like a joke lol
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