cheapest place to buy a sim free phone

    I want a samsung solid , fed up with busting my flimsy phones, where to buy from though?? Cheers


    Ebay dude. Also try CEX or maybe even a market area.

    But if you do buy from Ebay make sure pay via paypal.

    Maybe a good idea would be to buy like a crap phone for £10 or so quid and then go to a place like a unlocking centre.

    By unclocking centre I mean to asian dude who usually do it - they will at most charge you £4 lol.

    I got my phone unlocked from this Indian dude - who at first wanted to charge me £12, I got to him mate I will pay you £3 pounds take it or leave it.

    And guess what he said yes.

    I don't know where they are cheapest but I bought some when they were on offeron T mobile and there was a link on here about unlocking them with a code I did the unlock and it worked so I wouldn't worry what network it is on. They were very sturdy phones.…845
    I think this was the unlock I used and it didn't delete the imei like some do
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