cheapest place to buy a sony w550i

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Found 20th May 2006
looking for a w550i phone for my son on pay as you go.prefer voda but any network will do, ill just get it unlocked.........

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If you look at ducky thread of mobiles on FREE contracts, the SE W550i can be got for free. from mobileoutlet as long as you take it out on a 12 month contract (which works out for free if you claim the cashbacks at the right time.) Here's the thread:


that is the best deal, or you can get it from o2 for £140, that is the only PAYG deal on the w550i buying from an official shop

hope this helps

mod edit: removed link to your third party affiliate site as it is not allowed here. Please do not do this again.

Could you let us know if your association with uk-mobileshop? as self promotion isn't allowed here Thanks

Ray... the website itself isn't actually allowed here. It's a white label version of a third party affiliate site.

Please do not do this again mobileshop... this is the second time we've had to remove it.

sorry, posted both links at basically the same time, didnt post one after previous warning. wont post it agin

refurbished at the Link for under £90 here...Click Here

Thiat is a superb offer... it's a shame it's temporarily out of stock.

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The deal from The Link is the best i've seen but its always 'out of stock'......Has anyone seen it in stock.............lol

I should imagine that it sells out pretty quickly.
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