Cheapest Place To Buy An Xbox 360 & Kinect Bundle

Found 16th Mar 2011
We have an old arcade x-box, I take it the kinect would not work with this if I just bought the kinect??

I am looking to buy a new x-box and kinect for my husband and 4 kids to use, the kids would love kinect animals I reckon.

Where is the cheapest place I could get a set from ??

We really cannot afford alot so the cheaper the better really.
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shopto is the chepest at the mo as a bunble for the console and kinect for the 4gb or 250gb
kinect does work with older systems you just need a power supply to run the kinect controller
I think I'm right in saying that Kinect will work, you just need another power unit, if you have one of the new Xbox's, then you don't.
It is an x-box 360 arcade that we have in white
will work fine, but you need a hard disk for the software to install (I think)
I guess it would be better to get a pre-owned bundle instead with a slimline x-box. Sharon xx
You don't need a disc and all stand alone Kinect units come with the power supply.
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