Posted 11th Jun 2022 (Posted 10 h, 5 m ago)
Hi, does anyone know which supermarkets sell the cheapest sunflower and olive oil. Price have crazily increased at out local Lidl and other shops
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    The supermarkets like Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys have very similar prices. Check comparison websites for help:…=5l
    Didn’t know about this comparison website. Thank you
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    Also check your local corner stores.
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    Cant attest to the quality, but Asian supermarkets have bargain oil (amongst other things)
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    Any reason you're after sunflower oil? Its not as healthy as rapeseed oil (sold as vegetable oil at tesco)

    Generally pay about £1 per litre but just noticed its gone up by 50% but got 10L in the cupboard which will last a year
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