Cheapest place to buy disposable plates/cutlery etc.

Found 14th Jun
Hi all,
Where would be the cheapest place to buy disposable plates, cups, cutlery etc? Have to buy a sh*tload for a family wedding!
Would it be the likes of somewhere like eBay off a buyer from china, cash & carry, costco etc?

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bradford have a lot of wholesale places that do disposable..

Costco is quite cheap but very good quality

asian..indian cash n carry...depends where you are?

costco is cheap for the plates but the cups and cutlery in my opinion is expensive. yes it's good quality but you're throwing it away at the end of the day so does it really matter. try ebay or find a local shop that sells. can I ask where abouts you are as there's a couple of shops in Ilford.


or maybe Nisbets online

pound shop

home bargains always have loads

Iv purchased loads over the years and I would also recommend costco, they are not the cheapest but the quality is excellent.
The really budget ones from the pound shop break and crack really easily - they are real crap.
Trust me spend more and save the embarrassment, especially as its a wedding party.
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