Cheapest place to buy F1 2010?

    As the title says, i'm looking for the cheapest place to buy the new F1 2010 game thats out in a few days. I've seen it at £31.85 i think it is at shopto, was just wondering if this is going to be the cheapest to buy it at.

    Any help is much appreciated




    ditto :-)

    Mind you, ive got 50 capital bonds vouchers so will prob get it from argos at 34.99 I think :-)

    I feel this game is going to plummet in price within the first couple of weeks.
    I too really want this game but as we're in the last quarter of the season this will depreciate rrather sharpish...... a full on kane & lynch 2 dog days situation.

    give it 2 weeks i reckon it will be £17.99

    i just been playing it,,its really good graphics,and very detailed,,i prefer forza tho,lot easier,,lol..guess retail price will soon come down it always does.i got modded xbox of here so play all new releases early and if they good buy them eventually.

    Any update on any instore deals?
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