Cheapest place to buy Veg oil

Found 14th Jul 2007
looking to buy quantities of veg oil (rapeseed, sunflower etc not corn oil).
Cheapest I've found so far is Asda at 56p litre. If anyone knows cheaper I would be grateful for the info. BTW - its nothing dodgy - my fellas new (old)van runs on 50/50 diesel/veg oil
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This may sound cheeky, but ask your local Chinese takeaway/Chip shop what they do with their oil. You may find they actually have to pay to get rid of it. You can take it off their hands for free!...or you can offer them a token amount.

Alternatively, the cheapest place to purchase would probably be Lidl/Aldi/Netto, or Makro or Costco (for greater quantities).

Good luck! :thumbsup:
Sure I saw oil in huge drums in a chinese supermarket up here. I would say somewhere that supplies to the catering industry will sell in bulk.

its nothing dodgy - my fellas new (old)van runs on 50/50 diesel/veg oil

Are you not supposed to pay TAX on the veg oil if used in vehicles?
yes you do have to pay duty on this unfortunately.
double unfortunately it is the same duty as diesel 47.1p a litre

so much for encouraging a greener society - thanks Gordon
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