Cheapest place to buy windows xp 64 bit?

Really needs to be new.

Links please and advice

Would it be better to download the rc of windows 7 64 bit then just purchase that when it comes out? and just buy 32 bit xp for now.

Main reason is I have 8gb of ram for a new custom pc build and want to utilise all of this.


Yes, get RC1. Works great on my Athlon X2 7750.

Windows 7 is a really nice OS to use and the price can't be beat. just be sure that any essential drivers or software will be compatible.

Don't go with XP64. It's a total failure of an OS, unfortunately. Good in principle, but in execution, just not. MS have pretty much kicked it under the bed and forgotten about it these days, as have pretty much all developers. Win7x64 RC is your best bet. It's fast, stable, very pretty, and stuff usually works very nicely with it. I use it myself on my main system, and think it's great.

Altenatively you could download a 64 bit Linux distro .... Sabayon 4.1's my fav!


Altenatively you could download a 64 bit Linux distro .... Sabayon 4.1's … Altenatively you could download a 64 bit Linux distro .... Sabayon 4.1's my fav!

I think he might want to actually run stuff, though.


I think he might want to actually run stuff, though.

oh here we go another Linux Vs Microsoft fight!

but from that comment i say someone has never used Linux, or least not recently!

Original Poster

Dont want to take sides but I do want some form of windows.

I have never used Linux but have heard a lot of good things about it....maybe boot 7, xp and some form of linux onto my system.

if u can get to cumbria i have an unused XP 64 coa on a case for a machine that never got built
its actually not bad, I also run it on my main machine and have done for nearly 4 yrs runs everything i ever asked it too especially gaming.

I just removed Windows 7 64 bit and installed Windows XP 64 bit.

Windows 7 has a couple of nice features, for example it loads most, if not all your drivers; however, it does not have Outlook Express and sadly it does not have the search for files and folders. For that you have to purchase or download a seperate program. Also, there is not much support for Windows 7. For example my all-in-one HP color laser printer will only partically function because HP does not have the software to install it. I'm sure they will after Windows 7 is officially out because they do have the software for Vista and Windows XP 64 bit.

Microsoft has made lots of changes with Windows 7. You no longer have "Start" or "File" they have been replaced with icons. Control Panel is greatly changed and "Help" is extremely limited. For example if you search for System Restore, it is not there.

Microsoft has made so many changes that you basically have to learn a new operating system. Why not just install the free Linux and learn it. Maybe Windows 7 is not quite that difficult to learn, but you get the idea. Also, at least there is support for linux.

I gave Windows 7 a good try. I spent a lot of time but finally I had it up to my eyball with Windows 7 and installed Window XP 64 and I have been happy with it. It doesn't have as much support as XP 32. For example, McAfee, Norton, and Kaspersky do not have Anti-virus for Windows XP 64-bit. So I installed the free (for home use) Avast and it works fine. And, to think I have been paying for Anti-virus all the years when I could have had Avast for free and it works just as well.
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