cheapest place to find a wireless PS3 Pad

    I had 2 official pad and they both got problems so might as well go for the cheapest unofficial I can find please?

    I am sure I saw some on here the other day for £6.99



    So you want a remote not a pad?

    Why'd you buy an unofficial controller?:roll:

    Bear in mind these operate using 2.4Ghz wireless rather than bluetooth meaning this Mad Catz controller comes with a usb dongle which you need plugged in all the time. This uses batteries as well (2x AA) which is pretty lame. An internal chargeable battery would have been better..
    The reviews on seem pretty poor too.

    If you really don't want to fork out the extra for an official Sony one then this will suffice. Personally, i'd go with an official one if i were you. Well worth the extra cash and you might be able to pick up a cheap one either when a deal comes up or second hand.

    I've got an idea

    Sign up to littlewoods direct now or and purchase an official controller, use a £25 discount code on your first purchase and there you have it! something for aorund 10-15£ and official
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