Cheapest place to get 4 plug mains power adapter things?

    Morning all, I need to get hold of a couple of 4 plug adapters for the spare rooms for the sharers we'll be having in.

    What's the cheapest I can get them for? Not sure whether I should bother with surge protection, if I do where's the cheapest I can get one of those?

    This is the kinda thing I want:…810 - any better prices?



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    pound shops or ebay/buyer. deal extreme.

    Argos or Woolies would be the cheapest option for surge protected ones........if normal then Poundland.


    is it a laptop adaptor, you might be better off going to PSA as they will be at least twice as cheap

    I got mine from ebuyer when I needed a new power supply I got surge protected ones after blowing up both of my desktops that were on the same 4 bar. The ebuyer one is 6 sockets & each one can be turned on or off seperately & it comes with some basic surge protection.

    They are not doing the ones I have nay more but here's the link & they were £2.99 each. Found them from a post on here.


    I got belkin surge protector ones if you are intrested, surge protector etc, 4 plug £5 each + postage. leave message if interested.


    pound shops or ebay/buyer. deal extreme.

    some of the carp you get from the poundshop that falls apart so easy would make me unbelievably wary about buying anything from there thats gonna get left plugged into the mains :thumbsup:

    i got a surge protection 1 from t j huges 4 plug less than a £5 cheaper now they where on sale..

    If there is a shop near you you might get a 4 way extension socket with surge protector for £3.99 from Netto.
    They went on sale yesterday and can sell out quickly see


    Moved to D/R now

    Just bought the 7way belkin for £17.61 delivered from:…4-0
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