Cheapest place to get a 4GB Pro Duo card that's 'magic' compatible?

    Morning all,

    I got hold of a PSP this week and now fancy modding it. As far as I'm aware 4GB is the highest storage compacity I can go (compatibility and prize wize). I see Dealextreme are doing a Pandora+4GB deal for a little over $30 (£15). I understand these are likely 'fake' Sony sticks, but if they work I guess I can't complain. Is it worth grabbing one of these or getting the Pandora seperately and buying the memory elsewhere? 4GB sticks on Amazon appear to be around £25/delivered from the marketplace.



    Put +cheapest +pro duo in the search box.

    I have an 8GB in mine, don't buy one from DX.

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    Cheers mate, I found your thread 2nd time round.

    Play deal looks good - £16.99 delivered plus I can use the 5% code and Quidco. I'll grab a lone Pandora from DX.

    Edit: And the M2 looks even better @ £14.99 without discounts, and I see you PSP yourself with it - that's a good sign!

    You missed the cheapest one, it's the Micro M2 with Pro Duo adaptor:…htm

    If possible I'd try and stay away from fakes. I've got a fake off ebay and whilst it works fine (been working fine for about 18 months now) its much slower to transfer stuff to and from than a 'proper' official card.
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