Cheapest place to get a car bumper repaired.

Posted 29th Feb
Hi all,

So while my car was parked someone has driven into my car and cracked the bumper and taken some paint work off the boot. Looking at the damage it looks like this was from a delivery van metal bumper, especially as my neighbour had the same thing happen to them, but managed to get the Tesco van registration plate as they drove off. Lucky for them they saw it and Tesco arranged for the repair. Can anyone recommend a repair company? I don't want to go through my insurance. Someone suggested Chips away.
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Depends where you are in the country, lol... good garage round the corner from me and cheap, but if you have to travel 300 miles to get here it won’t be...
Could be easier to get replacement part of eBay/scrapyard.

What car isit , pic?
Brimelows near The Elk are reasonably priced.
Go visit a few local body repair places for comparison. Tell them you’re paying cash. That should help keep it down. With insurance jobs the prices tend to be ridiculous.
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