Cheapest place to get flight tickets to the usa?

    Hi my cuz who lives in america has offerd to pay for me to come and visit

    just wondering wheres the cheapest place to get tickets?one place i found was wanting around £400-is this cheap?

    i need a return ticket of course :P



    £400 is a reasonable price.....Where does your cousin live ?

    Try, they search websites for you for the best price and normally are pretty good.

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    north america Minneapolis

    minnisota.....been there a couple of'll really enjoy it there

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    i also need to get my passport redone as its over 10 years old,does anyone know how long that taks to sort out?as u can tell im new to all this sort of stuff

    Now summer hols are near the end...should take a couple of weeks to process your passport, not worth fast tracking but you can get the Post Office to check.

    Where you flying from anyway ?

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    gatwick or stansted
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