Cheapest place to get glasses frames and complete glasses?

I wear glasses for distance (short sighted) and recently I have been finding I am wearing my glasses more and more so I want to get a couple more pairs.

At the moment I have a black pair by Osris, a black pair by Monsoon and a purple pair my Tommy Hilfiger.

I want to get a couple more pairs but the the opticians are really pricey. My Osris and Monsoon ones came from Specsavers and cost £175 BOGOF but I dont really fancy forking out £175 again.

I know of a couple of websites but are they any good / reliable?


I Got 2 Tommy HilFIGer Unworn Brand New With Box Do U Fancy Em?

I bought a pair of prescription sunglasses from [url]www.goggles4u.com[/url] for around £13, including postage, last year. The website's priced in dollars so I guess that'll be a little more now.

They're just fine, great style (although it may take a while for you to get through the hundreds available) and as for the postal packaging, well let's leave that as a surprise! Don't get me wrong, it's bulletproof but I've never seen anything like it.

They're somewhere in Pakistan so I guess the labour rates are somewhat lower there.

I can vouch for this website...run by a dispensing optician who knows his stuff and if you ask, can get anything you want at a fraction of the cost

i find specsavers really expensive , have u tried theese shops on the high street were u take in ur prescription and you just pay for glasses much cheaper.
iv just bought a Bench pair from R Black - dont no if they are nation wide but they are at a fraction of the price than specsavers, shop around try little independant 1's they are cheap. specsavers have the advertising so they can bump up the cost.

glassesdirect mate-the best prices+good quality!!

specsonthenet is pretty good as well....


glassesdirect mate-the best prices+good quality!!glassesdirect.co.uk

I agree glasses direct are great, excellent cust service too

I use glasses direct too - great service and reall;y simple to use

Another vote for glasses direct here and don't forget to go via Quidco x
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