cheapest place to get iphone 5c white/ pink 16gb or higher

    Hi im after a new iphone 5c for the wife
    White or pink would like something higher than 16gb but 16gb being the lowest memory
    Where the best place (cheap)
    Thanks in advance


    Why the 5C? It's such an old device now with tech inside that's over 4 years old.

    If you really really want an iPhone, the 5S is the absolute minimum I'd recommend in terms of speed and capability.

    If she doesn't mind an Android phone, you can get a brand new fairly decent one for £150.
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    Plus you can get an iPhone 5S refurbished on eBay from reputable business sellers with a warranty for around £150.

    EBay £133 for a grade A+ or smartfhone store c grade white £109. Grade c is a bit knocked about so eBay gets my vote.

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    Got the iphone 5s gold but my son keeps bashing it and i think it maybe on its last legs as the sound has stopped working and only works on vibrate and keeps poping up voice control.


    Why would you buy him another if he can't look after the one he has?

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    Its for my wife not kid. The phone itself seems to be ok but no sound


    Its for my wife not kid. The phone itself seems to be ok but no sound

    ​Phones are the most abused items we own. It's no wonder any of them last a year! Even with cases and a firm grip.

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    Got motorola g4

    Went into O2 shop and spoke to the salesman regarding an iPhone 5s. I was asking about the like new ones. He told me that it's better to get it on contract for £150 ish I think and then pay £9.99 on the day and one months airtime contract, the cheapest ~ £10 and then the next day give notice on the airtime contract to cancel. (Think its called refresh????) That way you get the brand new 5s for around £169. As opposed to buying the exact same one from the same shop on pay as you go for £200+. He said it works on different phone too.. Hope this helps
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