Cheapest place to get large cardboard boxes for moving house

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Found 23rd May 2009
Hi, does anyone know the best/cheapest place to get a load of large sturdy cardboard boxes? I'm moving house next weekend and need to start packing all my stuff up and don't want to spend a fortune on boxes from staples or somewhere.


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ask at a supermarket or local shop

Sometimes - at your local hospital too - find the place where they take the boxes to pack them flat.

we get ppl asking in tesco and then the nightshift keep the boxes for them i also use them for school for the kids very handy! just ask them to keep you some and go in the next day to collect they will be only too happy too help!

Comet, Curry's etc.....all of the packaging boxes are really sturdy and they love you taking them :thumbsup:

Register onto your local freecycle group and put an email out requesting. This is where I got mine from and they were proper moving boxes.


the best place i found was Brantano or other shoe retailers....most places near me crush them.

your local pub buddy


your local pub buddy

Good one buddy - my local - is always burning - which gets rather annoying when I have the washing out on the line drying :whistling:


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Thanks all. I went down to my local tesco where they have a huge cardboard recycling container so i took a load of boxes out of there.

Hope your move goes well
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