Cheapest Place To Have Tag Heuer Watch Serviced?

Found 16th Aug 2006
I've just come back from a few weeks away on an Outward Bound type holiday. My Tag watch has taken a bit of a beating whilst being away and has aquired a few scratches etc. I'd like to get the watch serviced as they apparently take the watch apart and buff out sratches etc but my local Watches of Switzerland (Cardiff) want £145 and it will take 6-8weeks!!

Does anyone know of any alternatives to getting my Tag Watch serviced? Appreciate your help with this one - Mark.
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Try a pro watch forum... for my omega i go to ]chronocentric.com as there's a dedicated forum on there.. That is a lot of money though.

PS with my watch, it came with first service free anyway, so maybe you could try blagging that at the shop you bought it at??
I was told by two different shops in Blue Water £140 is standard. Unfortunately that's how much Tag charges not the shop. The shop is obliged to organise the service if they are an official Tag dealer.

I think saving money will be very difficult in this case.
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