Cheapest place to pre order Heavy Rain PS3

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Found 19th Feb 2010
Cheapest I can see is Shopto.net at just shy of £38. Was really hoping to get this for £35 or less.

Anyone know of a better price?


If you can afford it or justify it get the special edition for £42.99 off hmv.com. A few good additional DLC's and other stuff.

Have you played the demo? I finally did last night and was very impressed by the controls graphics and well everything

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Yeh played and finished the demo on thurs, loved the originality of it, was a pleasure to play! Only thing I don't like is having to hold R2 to move forward.

Just had a quick look at the HMV special edition. The extra fiver does seem to get you some extras, the best been an extra episode. Bit disapointing it's not a steelbook though. If I can't get the games cheaper than £38 I may go for it.
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