cheapest place to purchase a new Nikon D500


    The camera generally goes for around £1,799 without the kit lens.

    I have noticed there are new D500 camera on eBay around £1,250 - £1,399 for the exact camera.

    Why these are cheaper I'm not sure.

    Where would be the best place to buy this model at its cheapest.

    Thanks in advance.


    I think the new,cheaper ones on Ebay come from grey imports.

    A grey import is equipment that has been supplied by Nikon etc in a different part of the world, for example supplied by Canon Hong Kong to a shop in Hong Kong, and ends up being sold on to you in the UK. This equipment may be purchased by you directly from a shop in Hong Kong (meaning you are importing it yourself into the UK), or it could be imported into the UK by another company and then sold on to you. The key point is that the manufacturer has sold it into a different (not UK or EU) geographic market, and someone else is then importing it into the UK.

    Grey imports are normally cheaper, but there are some downsides that you should be aware of – read on for details.

    Why Should You Care?
    If you buy a grey import, it will normally not come with a valid UK manufacturer warranty. This means the UK branch of the manufacturer would not offer free warranty repairs in the unlikely event of something going wrong within the warranty period (typically one year). You would therefore have to rely on the shop to provide warranty repairs instead.
    You will not be able to take part in a cash back or other promotion offered by the UK manufacturer.

    The place I use to find the cheapest camera equipment is Camerapricebuster. (it's also where I copied the above info from)

    Hope this helps?

    I agree with the above oster

    If you want to save a few quid then go for an import but beware of problems with regard to warranty
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