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Posted 21st Mar
I've seen recently so many good offers for Xbox One X (which has better hardware than PS4) but none for PS4 Pro. Is there any source where it is worth to look for Pro under £200? I'm checking Amazon Warehouse but prices are almost the same as the new one (~£250). Why is that? Even on Ebay its very difficult to buy used below £200. Do you think that because of boredom people are buying consoles?
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Remember the ps5 and new X box is coming . So prices will tumble
dezbo888821/03/2020 20:41

Remember the ps5 and new X box is coming . So prices will tumble

Coming in about a year...
12345432121/03/2020 20:51

Coming in about a year...

Yeah I know . And that if it actual come out . Just keep hunting am sure you will find a deal soon enough
I noticed this too, I see CeX put their price up to over £300 for the Pro it was £250 a few weeks ago! Plus all the Xbox one X deals have been hoovered up - not a good time to buy consoles :-(
I got one from my local cash converters for 189 a few weeks ago
People will take advantage of the potential lockdown where console is likely required for youngsters to keep occupied. Wouldn’t be surprised if prices go up
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