Cheapest Possible New Computer + Wireless Network


    I'm looking at building 3 computers with the exact same specifications with a budget for £150 per computer, including monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. I had a look on ebuyer but they seem to no long stock any of the older parts. I would be looking for the best specification for my total budget of £450. I would also like XP to be included as well. The graphics cards will also need to have 2 D-Sub connections as a monitor + projector will need to be plugged in at the same time, with extended desktop.

    I would also be wanting to setup a wireless network with these 3 computers, i have a budget of £50 for this. They would not be connected to the internet at this moment in time but soon they would be so i would like the functionality to be there.

    So overall i have a budget of £500 to build 3 computers + setup a wireless network.

    I can build computers as well, so no need for pre built ones.

    Rep will be left to all people who can find this for me.



    i usually buy my stuff from [url][/url] they are pretty cheap but not sure how good they are on old stock.

    tough one
    for the PCs, you may want to look for some secondhand ones or branded ones, like dell, rather than building from the scratch
    for the wireless network, you are looking at about 10 quid each for 3 wireless adapter + a wireless router,which will be 30 to 50 quid depending on how you cannect to the internet

    wow £150 per pc with all the works, you would be very hard pushed to acheive that unless the builds were from far back (old)

    I think the obvious money saver is to source the monitors off freecycle, plenty of CRT's go for free everyone is upgrading,
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