cheapest possible unlocked phone...

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Found 18th May 2008
got a blyk sim... so cheapest possible unlocked phone

only has to recieve MMS.

Thanks, rep for help


just shop around in your town bet you can get a phone for a tenner

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cheers but that werent unlocked mate

Its clearance.. so very likely to be.


cheers but that werent unlocked mate

nearly all carphone warehouse are unlocked with the exception of network exclusive models (phones that are made for one network only - iphone and skypephone spring to mind and I think that T-mobile had some exclusive sony ericcsons), if you ask the assistant they will tell you if its unlocked or not. They just have a stock of vanilla phones (ones that are unbranded and unlocked) then give you the simcard for whichever network you buy it on! Dont forget CPW give you trade in discounts a fiver I think for phone and charger and 10 if you also have manual, although they have always given me the tenner without manual! Its the main reason I buy phones from there due to the unlocked and unbranded aspect.

See ]HERE for trade in values.

Just looked which phone was linked to and its the 2310 which I got last week, it does come unlocked, and I traded a boxed F3 in and got a tenner off so it made it 6.95 with a tenner credit!

try ebay!lol!

Blyk is based on orange also, so it works on phones locked to orange.
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