Cheapest Postal Service to Ship Guitar in Hard Case

Found 14th Jul 2009
im selling my guitar on ebay, its in a large hard case and wondered whats the best/cheapest option?

any ideas, i hate royal mail as im a postman and wouldnt like to trust fellow workers handling it lol
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Parcel2Go depending upon the value of the guitar I would have thought, although they do have restrictions on certain items (not sure if musical instruments fall into this though).

EDIT: You're covered with parcel2go as it's being sent in a hard case, although only up to the value of £100 :thumbsup:

You're probably better off selling locally via Gumtree. No fees, no fuss, no shipping fees, no money being placed on hold, just put an ad up and let the buyer come round and pick it up and pay you with cold, hard cash. It's so much better than eBay.
its already up their tho with bidders dxx, maybe next time ill have a look at parcel2go and see what they offer, cheers


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